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2 USC Graduate Students Killed in Campus Carjacking

Two graduate students from China were shot and killed in Los Angeles in what police think may have been a carjacking attempt.

The Daily Mail reports that Ming Qu and Ying Wu were sitting in a $60,000 BMW near the campus of the University of Southern California early Wednesday morning when they were both shot through the driver's side window.

Wu was found dead in the car. Qu managed to get out of the car and run for help but he collapsed on a nearby doorstep.

Police suspect it might have been a carjacking or robbery attempt because the car was in the middle of the street, not at the curb.

Both were students at USC studying electrical engineering. They were both in their 20s.

That area of downtown Los Angeles used to be ridden with crime, but things have been cleaned up there over the past several years, to the point where crimes like this are rare nowadays.

"We used to see this every day," said longtime area resident Beatriz Moreno said. "There are mostly families here. This is not normal."


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