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2 Pit Bulls Trapped, 1 Shot by Police After Pack Kills 240 Goats in California

San Joaquin County Sheriff’s have joined with animal control officers in a search for a pack of six to eight Pit Bulls responsible for at least five attacks resulting in the brutal deaths of 240 goats at a French Camp livestock auction yard, near Stockton, California. Two of the dogs were captured Friday night and Saturday morning, said Deputy Les Garcia, a spokesman for the Sheriff's Office.

Authorities captured an aggressive mixed-breed pit bull in a trap near Turnpike Road and Clayton Avenue about 9 p.m. Friday, said Deputy Garcia. An animal control officer captured another of the Pit Bulls about 3 miles away in the 100 block of Val Dervin Parkway in south Stockton at about 10 a.m. Saturday, authorities said.

Two to three other pit bulls that were spotted on Val Dervin Parkway fled towards Little John Creek, officials said.

Several of the Pit Bulls are very dangerous, police say. So far one dog has been shot after it charged at one of the deputies, according to RTT

It is also believed that two dogs were shot by the livestock owners who were guarding that yard the night after 160 goats owned by Joe Mayar were mutilated and killed. That night the men reported that a pack of eight Pit Bulls attempted to enter the area where the goats were penned and the men fired, believing they may have hit two.

One neighbor who had 22 of his goats attacked said, "They don't even eat the goats - just kill them and go to next one," News reports.

"Most of the goats have injuries to their necks," Joe Mayar, manager of the livestock auction yard said after he found 160 dead and suffering last Monday morning. "Limbs were missing, torn legs, their throats were cut. It was just a horrible scene. It was a massacre."

Neighboring homes also told police they lost some of their animals as well. “Traps have since been set up to catch the wild pit bulls, as police and residents are on high alert to find the dangerous animals,” RTT reports.

Mayar said he and other residents in the area are worried that the same pack of Pit Bulls could attack children who attend the French Camp Elementary School, which is just two blocks from where the goats are being killed.

Authorities were still searching for the remaining dogs, Deputy Les Garcia said.

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Sources: Recordnet, RTT


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