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2 Pit Bulls Shot by Police, Owner Charged with Animal Cruelty

A Portsmouth police officer was forced to shoot and kill two Pit Bulls on Saturday because the dogs were fighting in a cage and would not stop injuring each other after authorities arrived and tried to safely release them from the enclosure, the Virginia Pilot reported on April 15.

Police spokeswoman Jan Clark said that, about 9:00 a.m., officers were called to a home in the 2300 block of Peach St. in Portsmouth, Virginia. Animal control officers were already at the location.

A male and female Pit Bull were in a cage inside a shed in the backyard of the property. Both were badly injured and continued to attack each other. Animal Control officers had attempted to get the dogs out of the cage but could not get them to stop fighting. The police officers also couldn't separate them and they were aggressive towards them, reported WVEC News.

“The female pit bull became more aggressive and continued to attack the male. Both dogs were suffering from serious visible injuries,” according to the police news release. “A responding police officer fired two rounds from a shotgun, striking both dogs. Both dogs died at the scene.”

The dogs’ owner, Coleen Boyle, 25, was charged with inadequate care and one count of cruelty to animals.

Sources: WVEC, Hampton Roads


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