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2 Pit Bulls Savagely Maul Mother in her Driveway, Children Can't Stop Attack

 A Houston, TX, mother is hospitalized after two vicious Pit Bulls attacked her in her driveway on Wednesday about 12:30 p.m., as she carried in groceries. Neighbors say the dogs had been roaming the neighborhood near Greenspoint since about 7 a.m., according to Click2Houston.

A woman who was watching the dogs told reporters that shortly before Celiflora Maldonado, 46, was attacked, she was trying to get them into her yard and one of the dogs attacked her also.

Celiflora Maldonado had just arrived at her home on Peachfield Circle after grocery shopping in Northwest Harris County, KHOU reports.

She saw the two Pit Bulls and tried to run inside, but she was hampered by having two bags of groceries in her arms. The male Pit Bull ran at her and starting biting and ripping both arms before she could get to the door. 

Her 10-year-old nephew ran out of the house and threw his sandals at the dogs, but they did not stop their attack on the helpless woman.

Neighbors heard Celiflora Maldonado screaming and banging on her front door to try to get into the house and escape the dogs. "Blood-curdling screams, horrible, something you never hear," neighbor Johnny Campos told Click2Houston.

Another neighbor said, "She got bitten in her arm and her breast, she screamed, so her kids came out to try to drag the dogs off of her.“ But they were intent on the attack and the children could not stop them, according to witnesses.

Neighbors yelled and finally got the dogs away from the victim and called 911.

The Pit Bulls  were completely calm as they were leashed and loaded into the animal control vehicle by officers. 

Celiflora Maldonado was taken to the hospital with extremely severe bite wound and scratches. She left behind a trail of blood leading to her door, marking her desperate attempt to save her life, KHOU reports.

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