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2 Pit Bulls Kill Chained Dog, Owner Faces Felony Charges

A New Mexico woman faces felony charges for owning dangerous dogs.

Alamogordo Police placed Desiree Romeyn under arrest on Thursday after her two pit bulls escaped her yard and fatally wounded a chained pit bull. Romeyn admitted that she knew her dogs could escape over her fence.

Police records show the same pit bulls had also escaped her backyard and attacked and injured other animals on two prior occasions.

When animal control officers responded to the incident on Thursday, they found Romeyn’s dogs on North Florida Street, where they were savagely mauling a pit bull that was chained in a yard.

A neighbor who had witnessed the attack said she felt sorry for the chained dog.

When animal control arrived, they had to tranquilize one of the attacking dogs because it was so aggressive, KOAT reports.

The injured dog was immediately transported to a veterinary clinic, where it died a few hours later.

Romneyn now faces two fourth-degree felony charges for owning dangerous dogs. She surrendered both dogs to animal control.

Alamogordo Animal Control Manager Dwain Martinez expressed his concern for the safety of children at a nearby school. He described the department’s policy of maintaining a daily patrol  in the area just to ensure that the children are safe from such threats as dangerous dogs. But, ultimately he said dog owners have the full responsibility for proper training and maintaining a safe enclosure for their animals.

Martinez told KRQE that the pit bulls are being held until the judge decides if they represent a serious enough threat to the public to be put down.

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