2 Pit Bulls Kill 2 Dogs Being Walked by Owners in San Pedro, California


Two Pit Bulls are impounded at the Los Angeles City Harbor Animal Shelter after attacking and killing two dogs that were out walking with their owners on Monday morning, reports CBSLA.

Martha Duenas said her mother was walking the family’s Chihuahua, Rocky, at about 7 a.m. when the Pit Bulls attacked and killed him as she reached to scoop up the tiny dog to protect him.

“My mom was basically barely going to pick him up, and these dogs just come and attack him and they… she has him in her hands and the two pit bulls bite my dog’s neck and everything,” Duenas told CBSLA.

The attack occurred in the 1600 block of 257th Street in the Harbor City area. Neighbors say that the Pit Bulls had earlier charged a man who was walking his dog, killing that dog, before turning on Rocky.

“I peeked over and seen it,” witness Shaenae Green told CBSLA. “The dogs were just like, ripping and attacking at the other dog.”

There was a special urgency to find the two vicious animals because this was the same day the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors was announcing plans to strengthen efforts to deal with dangerous dogs after the deadly mauling of jogger Pamela Devitt, 63, in the Palmdale area on May 9.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded, and brought in a helicopter to help track down the two Pit Bulls in San Pedro. They were found several blocks away from where the fatal attacks on the two family pets had occurred.

The dogs were reportedly cornered under a car and captured by Los Angeles City Animal Services officers and LAPD. The male Pit Bull had blood on his face, and the female did not, the CBSLA report indicates.

According to Los Angeles City Animal Services, no humans were known to have been bitten by the impounded Pit Bulls, and efforts will be made to try to identify the dogs’ owner(s).

Martha Duenas said that her mother is taking Rocky’s death very hard and she it is especially bad because she saw what was happening to him and could not save him.

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Source: CBS


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