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2 Pit Bulls Brutally Attack Rescue K-9, Dog May Not Survive

Carver, a docile FEMA-certified disaster rescue dog was so savagely mauled by two Pit Bulls that entered his yard in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on Thursday that he may not survive.

Thomasville Rescue Squad Asst. Chief Scott McCaskill said Carver is badly injured all over his body, “Both flanks, leg, chest and abdomen, and around the neck area," he told MyFox8.

The courageous black-and-white Border Collie is part of an elite search-and-rescue team. Carver is specially trained to find survivors in case of a building collapse.

He is undergoing treatment and surgery at Carolina Vet Specialists in Greensboro, McCaskill said, but his condition is so serious that the rescue K-9 may have to be euthanized.

The two Pit Bulls that mauled Carver—a male, named Dillon, and a female, named Nika—were already officially determined to be “potentially dangerous” because of a similar attack on another dog in January, according to the MyFox8 report.

Forsyth County Animal Control Director Tim Jennings said the owner, Antonio Nowell, was ordered at that time to keep both dogs confined in a special enclosure and they were to be kept on non-retractable leashes if they were let out. The Pit Bulls were off-leash and at large when they attacked Carver, Jennings said.

Jennings said Nowell will now be cited for multiple violations and the two Pit Bulls will be put down. “The owner’s going to face additional penalties. Just from looking at the case, we’re looking at running at large. He hasn’t followed through with vaccinations and licensing,” Jennings said.

MyFox8 reports there is one other Pit Bull-mix on Nowell’s property.

Animal Control Director Jennings blames the owner for being irresponsible and said, “It’s really sad, because the dogs basically are just being dogs.”


Source: MyFox8


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