2 Pit Bulls Attack West Hollywood Man Billy Lam and 12-Year-Old Service Dog


A West Hollywood man, Billy Lam, and his service dog, Crouton, are recovering from a violent attack on the 12-year-old Australian shepherd by two Pit Bulls and injuries he suffered while trying to save her .

Billy Lam, who now has bandages on both legs and his arm, says he and Crouton were out on a walk over the weekend when two off-leash Pit Bulls attacked them. Crouton suffered severe punctures and had to be shaved over much of her body so her wounds could be treated and drainage tubes inserted.

Lam told CBS News, “They were clamping down on her so hard that I physically punched a dog over 15 times and it finally let go after that. They were literally trying to tear her apart.”

The dogs bit him as he tried to rescue Crouton, Lam said. He suffered bites and scratches.

Crouton provides comfort to Billy Lam and assistance with anxiety attacks, alerting him if he passes out.

Both Pit Bulls were off leash, but Mr. Lam said that the owners were nearby and ran over and said, “Oh, is your dog OK?” before running off.”

The area where the mauling occurred is on Fuller Street, where boundaries between Los Angeles and West Hollywood converge. The immediate area is heavily populated by transients in Los Angeles’ Poinsettia Park and West Hollywood’s Plummer Park–which are on either side of the location, CBS reports.

Crouton is recovering from her wounds, and Billy Lam told CBS, “I’m just glad that she’s still alive right now.”

Jeffrey Prang, the Mayor of West Hollywood had recently announced a crackdown on off leash animals in the city,, stating that “The city has asked the Department of Animal Care and Control to strictly enforce the City's ordinances requiring dogs to be kept on a leash in public, including in public parks. He said County Animal Control Officers have issued a number of citations over the last week, Wirednixon.com reports.

Mr. Lam filed a report with the West Hollywood Sheriff’s station to try to find the owners of the two dogs. Officials say an investigation is ongoing.

VIDEO: http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2013/04/08/man-service-dog-reportedly-attacked-by-pit-bulls-in-west-hollywood/

Sources: WiredNixon, CBS


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