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'He's Stronger Than Me': Neighbors Try To Get Pit Bull Off Of Man's Leg

A Harris County man was walking down the street in a quiet Texas community on Wednesday afternoon when two Pit Bulls dug under a fence to escape their yard and viciously attack him, KHOU reports. The victim’s identity is being withheld to protect his privacy.

When the man began screaming for help, several local residents ran outside in response. Bill Drout told KHOU he thought about grabbing his gun but then decided, “That’s kinda extreme.”

Within a few minutes, he revised his opinion and wished he had realized the danger the victim was in and known that the combined efforts of neighbors was almost not enough to save the man from the jaws of the dogs.

The incident occurred in the 17300 block of Nanes Drive, off I-45. The dog owner’s wife heard the desperate screams and rushed out and managed to pull the female dog away from the victim, but no one could stop the stronger male Pit Bull as he continued to chew and rip the victim’s leg.

"I'm pounding this dog as hard as I can with my fist and it didn't faze him at all. It's like he didn't even care," Drout told KHOU."To be honest with you he's stronger than me."

Drout finally managed to pull the Pit Bull off of the victim, and emergency responders transported him to Ben Taub Hospital, where he has reportedly remained hospitalized with severe injuries, particularly to one leg.

The owner took his dogs to Harris County Animal Control to relinquish them for euthanasia. Sgt. Eric Batton of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said the dogs had a “previous bite history and there had been prior calls regarding them.  Sgt. Batton supported the owner’s decision, telling KHOU, "He made a very responsible, prudent decision."

The wife of the dog owner said the dogs had not bitten anyone previously.  However, ABC13 cites that investigators say this is the second attack for these dogs in their records.

KHOU reports that the owner was clearly upset by both the attack and by having to put down his animals.

According to a very informative interactive chart provided by ABC13, in 2014 the city of Houston has had 518 reported bites/attacks by Pit Bulls, while the second highest breed is German Shepherds, reporting 253 bites.


Sources: Inquistr, KHOU, ABC / Photo Credit: Screenshot, Wikimedia Commons


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