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2 Pit Bulls Attack Shawna Omberg, Mark Gidley and Deputy in Washington

A couple and the woman’s tiny Yorkshire Terrier were viciously mauled on Sunday evening in Kennewick, Washington, by two Pit Bulls. Shawna Omberg, 41, owner of the little Yorkie, named Moose, is still hospitalized in serious, but stable, condition at Kennewick General Hospital, according to theTri-Cities Herald.

Mark Gidley told theBellingham Heraldthat he doesn't think he will ever forget hearing his friend, Shawna, scream outside his home, running out to see two large Pit Bulls mauling her, and then having the larger dog lunge at him and pin him to the ground with its teeth gripping his leg,  

.Gidley toldreporters that Shawna Moberg had come to his home in the 1000 block of South Gum Street to walk Moose. She had only been outside for a couple of minute when he heard her scream. He said he ran out and saw her being brutally attacked by two dogs he described as “huge” Pit Bulls -- one he estimated at 110 to 120 pounds and the other at 60 to 70 pounds, theBellingham Heraldreports.

Gridley said he managed to get Moose away from the dogs, but the larger Pit Bull came after him. "It got me by the calf and I was down," he told the Herald. "I weigh 350 pounds and he took me down."

Gidley, Moberg and Moose managed to get away, and Gidley said he called 911 for an ambulance for Moberg, who was badly injured. "Her wounds were vicious," he said. 

Gridley was taken to the hospital and treated for wounds and injuries and laterreleased. Moose, the little Yorkie, is also serious injured, including two broken bones in his leg which will require pins, Gridley said.

Benton County Sheriff’s Office stated in a release that emergency medical responders and deputies were dispatched about 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 30, to the 1000 block of South Gum, at E. 10th Ave., in East Kennewick upon receiving a frantic call that two pit bulls had attacked a couple. 

When the deputies and medics arrived, both dogs had already run from the scene. However, while the medical team was treating the victims, the Pit Bulls returned and attacked a sheriff's deputy.

”The deputy shot both dogs in self-defense and to protect others present,” the release said. Both dogs were hit and the deputy followed them as they ran to a nearby home, where it is believed the animals lived. 

AKNDU news video shows a large chain-link kennel covered by wood and tarps, where it appeared the dogs were kept.  

The deputy had to put them down, as they remained aggressive and could not be secured, the release said. Benton County Sheriff’s Lt. Chuck Jones told the Tri-CitiesHerald that, “They looked like Pit Bulls and acted like Pit Bulls.” 

Neighbor Robert Travis stated that he has young nieces and knowing these dogs were that close makes him nervous. 

Gridley said he believed the dogs belonged to former neighbors on the block where there was a fire a few months ago. No one has lived in the home since then, he said, but the dogs have remained in a kennel and someone comes by to take care of them. He told the Bellingham Herald he never saw the dogs run loose until the attack Sunday. 

Sheriff’s Lt. Chuck Jones did not indicate if there had been a positive identification of the owner(s) but said the incident is still under investigation and the case has been referred to the Benton County prosecutor for review and possible criminal charges. 

(Kennewick is a city located along the southwest bank of the Columbia Riverand the most populous of the three cities collectively referred to as the Tri-Cities(the others being Pasco and Richland). 



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