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2 Pit Bulls Attack San Diego Woman, 75, Leg Amputated

SAN DIEGO --- Emako Mendoza, 75, was attacked in her own back yard in Paradise Hills on Saturday June 18, 2011, by two pit bulls. According to, both dogs were female. The victim had gone outside about 6:30 a.m. to pick up her newspaper. The dogs belonged to a neighbor and pushed their way through a hole in the fence, according to her 78-year-old husband, James Mendoza. (Paradise Hills is in the southeastern area of the city of San Diego, CA.) 

Her husband stated he was still asleep in a front bedroom and did not hear his wife’s screams. He was awakened when the two girls who own the dogs knocked on the door and told him their dogs were in his backyard.

Mr. Mendoza said that his wife’s entire body was bloody and she was still screaming. He tried to cover her and called 911.

San Diego Police Officer Frank Cali stated that Ms. Mendoza sustained severe lacerations to her body, arms and both legs, and she is at Scripps Mercy Hospital.  

On June 19, Wendy Fry of the Union-Tribune reported that the victim remains hospitalized in critical condition. Her husband states she is covered with bite wounds on her arms, back, buttocks and right leg. Her left leg was amputated from the knee down on Saturday and she is facing the possibility of losing her left arm, which is badly mangled, he said. 

James Mendoza stated that his wife is in tremendous pain after the amputation of her leg and commented tearfully that Emako had always loved to dance.

San Diego Animal County Animal Control took possession of the dogs and they were euthanized,  reported Investigators are saying this is one of the worst dog maulings they’ve seen in a long time.

Lt. Dan DeSousa with County Animal Control stated that charges could range from a leash law violation to a felony for the animals attacking and severely injuring a person.

Authorities also reportedly confiscated 11 pit bull puppies that were from one of the dogs that was put down and four other small dogs were at the home, according to

The husband told reporters that he had been worried about the dogs breaking through the fence because they were such strong dogs and that he plans to file a lawsuit against the dog owners.


Esther Katz, an 80-year-old woman in Harrisburg, PA, is struggling to recover from an attack by a pit bull on June 10, 2011,  in which her hip and leg were both broken and “…a baseball-sized chunk was ripped from her arm, according to Matthew Kemeny of the Patriot News.  She was walking with her 90-year-old husband when the attack occurred.

Ms. Katz was described as”… an active woman who walked around Harrisburg doing errands, went out to eat with her husband, enjoyed shows, sports and travel.”  “She’s gone from a very productive, active woman to someone who depends on people to hold her up and brush her teeth and help her go to the bathroom,” her daughter-in-law, Tracey Katz, said. “It’s sad and disheartening. 

The dog was euthanized by animal control.  The dog's owner lived on the same block, and will be charged with harboring a dangerous dog, failure to restrain a dog and failure to have the dog vaccinated for rabies, according to police, who also report it was not the first attack by this dog. reports it was the fourth publicized pit bull attack in the city since March.

A 74-year-old disabled veteran who was attacked on June 10, 2011, in Hawthorne, FL, by his neighbor’s two pit bulls died on Wednesday, June 15. The attack on Roy McSweeney was so savage that his right arm was completely ripped off, and doctors had attempted to reattach the left arm. His face was badly damaged. On source stated that his wounds looked like he’d been near a bomb explosion. (Two Pit Bulls Attack Disabled Vet.)


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