2 Pit Bulls Attack, Injure Las Vegas Couple and Pet Dog Inside Gated Community

A Las Vegas couple told KTNV they were attacked by two  pit bulls last Friday night inside their own gated community near South Rainbow Boulevard and West Mountains Edge Parkway, sending the husband to the emergency room, and their pet dog Viper to the vet.

The shocking, unprovoked assault occurred while Marie and Skip West were walking 12-year-old Viper and their other dog, Charlotte,  near the entrance way. Suddenly, out of nowhere, two pit bulls charged toward them and grabbed Viper.

Marie said, "They were circling us and we were saying, 'Stop. Call your dog. Somebody, call your dog.” At that point, they attacked Viper. "It just got scarier by the second," she recalled.

"This dog took my dog's head and he wasn't trying bite it. He wanted to rip it off," added Skip.

The couple said part of Viper's ear was torn off by one of the pit bulls while the other inflicted deep wounds to the rear part of his body.

They told KTNV that neither of the pit bulls was wearing a leash or collar, so there was nothing to grab onto to try to stop them and pull them away from the elderly dog.

One of the pit bulls reportedly sunk its teeth into Skip's forearm, causing him later to be rushed to the emergency room.

Marie was also injured. One of her fingers was bitten in the attack and her legs were badly bruised.

Brandi Paulino, a neighbor,  called 911, "We were starting dinner and that's when everything happened. My son's friend came in and was screaming and crying that the dogs had tried to attack."

Animal control responded and confirmed that both dogs are pit bulls. They were seized and placed in quarantine.

Officials were also able to identify the pit bulls’ owner. They did not say if it is someone who lives within the same gated community. It is unclear if the dogs will be returned to the owner when investigation of the incident concludes.   

Meanwhile, the West family said they haven't been sleeping at night. "I've been crying a lot, because I think about my dog and how he's going to lose his ear. He's 12-years-old. We've had him since he was six weeks old. He's our family pet," said Marie.

She and her husband said the owner hasn't apologized or offered to help with medical expenses or the $3,000 in vet bills for Viper’s care. 

Source: JRN


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