2 Pit Bulls Attack Four People and Two Dogs on Calif. Walking Trail


Two Pit Bulls attacked a man walking his two dogs on a trail near the 2700 block of Larkspur Drive in Antioch, Calif., at about 8:50 p.m. on Wednesday, said Antioch police Lt. John VanderKlugt.

Three neighbors also became victims of attack by the same dogs when they heard the noises and rushed to help him.

Shawn Fisher, 26, told ABC News that he, his sister and his father ran out of their home on Larkspur Drive after they heard sounds of dogs fighting.

Fisher was bitten on both arms and jumped on top of a car in his driveway to escape the Pit Bulls. He answered the door Thursday morning still wearing a bloodied tank top shirt with bandages on his arms, the Mercury News reported.

A trail of blood led from the Fisher home to a home across the street, where the porch was also covered in blood.

All four victims were later transported to Bay Area hospitals, according to ABC News.

When Antioch police officers arrived, the dogs turned from the people they were attacking and charged at the officers.

The officers fired four shots, killing one of the dogs. The second dog ran away but returned about an hour later and animal control officers were able to capture it without incident.

The Pit Bull has been quarantined. If no owner claims the dog, it will be euthanized, ABC News reports.

Sources: Mercury News, ABC


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