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2 Pit Bulls Attack and Kill Disabled Vet

The 74-year-old disabled veteran who was attacked last week in Hawthorne, FL, by his neighbor’s two pit bulls died on Wednesday, June 15. The attack on Roy McSweeney was so savage that his right arm was completely ripped off, and doctors had attempted to reattach the left arm. His face was badly damaged. One source said his wounds looked like he’d been near a bomb explosion.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Department reported Roy McSweeney succumbed as the result of brain damage from the severe bleeding.

This is the third reported attack by these same dogs. Robert Floyd, a caretaker, was attacked at McSweeney’s home in January 2010 when the two pit bulls escaped the neighbor’s yard. Floyd was hospitalized with severe injuries to his mouth, left leg and stomach.

The Gainesville law firm of Avera & Smith, is representing both the McSweeney family and Robert Floyd. Attorney Jennifer Biewend, states that the Putnam County Sheriff’s Dept., which is also responsible for animal control, did not do enough to enforce dangerous dog laws.

The County’s policy designates a dangerous dog as, “one that has once bitten or otherwise physically attacked, without reasonable provocation, a human being.” According to, Biewend claims the Sheriff’s Unit ignored Floyd's pleas to certify the dogs as dangerous and protect others from them.

Palatka Daily News reports that these same two pit bulls also attacked Edward Cormier, a friend of the dog owner’s son, just as he came through the door of their house on May 13. Cormier claimed that he had been invited and the door was left unlocked for him to enter.

Major Dwight Parker of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office said his office is working closely with the state attorney's office. "We are evaluating this to determine what, if any, charges can be brought," he said, "Regrettably, it appears that neither previous incident qualified as 'severe,' thus hindering a dangerous dog designation."


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