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2 Pit Bulls Attack 74-Year-Old Disabled Veteran

A 74-year-old disabled veteran was savagely attacked by two pit bulls while he was gardening in his own yard in Hawthorne, Fl, on June 10 2011. The attack was so violent that the dogs tore off one of his arms, according to

Roy McSweeney is in a hospital in Gainesville where he has undergone hours of surgery. His right arm was torn off by the pit bulls and had to be amputated. Doctors are trying to reattach his left arm, which was seriously injured, and to repair the damage to his face from severe wounds, according to

A June 12  News4jax update states , “Friends of the family told Channel 4 McSweeney is on life support and he may not make it.

The two pit bulls escaped from the yard of McSweeney’s next door neighbor. The neighbor said they belonged to a friend, and she didn’t know how they got out of their kennel, according to Putnam County Sheriff’s officials. 

His daughter said the disabled veteran remains in a coma-like state…and is getting a large amount of blood,” according to WTEV Action News.

The dogs were surrendered to authorities and euthanized. They are being tested for rabies, County Health officials report. 

Roderick Flynn of the West Putnam Volunteer Fire Department, who responded to the call at about 11:00 a.m. said he has known the McSweeney family for years and that the disabled great-grandfather sometimes had to use a scooter to get around. “He should be safe in his own yard,” he said.

Flynn also told WTEV that animal control had been called multiple occasions about the dogs but had not been able to catch them because they escaped to rural areas each time.  

McSweeney is in critical condition and is facing many additional surgeries, according to reports.


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