2 Pit Bulls Attack 12-Year-Old Angel Sargent

Angel Sargent, 12, suffered more than a dozen bites on Saturday when she was attacked by two 7-month old Pit Bulls--named Jager and Meister--belonging to her mother’s fiancé, Rory Downs. The dogs attacked the young girl at the home her mother, Catherine Sargent, shares with Downs, at 260 River Rd, in Lebanon, Maine, according to Trooper David Coflesky of the Maine State Police.

A New Hampshire man, Adam Horr, was visiting a neighbor and came to Angel’s rescue when he heard the girl and her sister screaming.

Horr, 41, said he was outside when he heard the girl screaming for help. He ran through 75 yards of wooded area separating the two homes to get to the property where Angel was being attacked. When he arrived on the other side, he saw Angel Sargent on the ground being mauled by the two Pit Bulls as a third one circled the scene, the Portland (Maine) Press Herald said Monday.

Horr describes what he saw as “the two dogs were trying to tear the girl apart."

"I didn't have time to be scared," Horr said. "I started punching and kicking those dogs as best I could. They took me down twice."

Horr said he found a broom handle nearby and used it to try to beat off the dogs. They then turned on him and bit him. By taking on the animals and distracting them, Horr enabled the injured girl, Angel Sargent to escape and call for help, WGME-13 reports. Authorities credit Horr's heroic action with saving Angel's life.

Horr was treated at the scene for bite wounds. Angel was bitten all over her body, according to the WGME 13 report, but especially on her legs, shoulder and neck. She was taken to Frisbie Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New Hampshire.

Angel’s younger sister and another girl, who witnessed the violent attack, suffered cuts and bruises, but were not bitten. The girls managed to climb onto a pickup truck in the yard to escape the animals, according to a press release issued by the Maine State Police.

Police say the dogs jumped a fence from an enclosed area in the backyard and attacked Angel while she was playing with her sister and a friend. The Pit Bulls belong to Rory Downs and were raised in the family since they were young puppies. They reportedly have not shown aggressive behavior or violent tendencies in the past.

According to state police, there also were two other dogs at the home which were not involved in the attack. The trooper said the dog’s shots were not up to date and the Pit Bulls are now quarantined at the Kennebunk animal shelter.

Angel has been released from the hospital and is recovering, her mother told reporters.

The case will be turned over to the York County district attorney’s office to determine if charges will be filed, the Bangor Daily News reports.

Sources: Bangor Daily, UPI


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