2 Pit Bull Attacks in One Day: FL Owner Suffers Seizure, NY Owner May Lose Lower Arm


Sarah Ziebro, 30,  was discovered  bleeding profusely in her Venice, Florida, home on Monday night after being attacked by her dog, Sam, while she suffered a seizure. According to the Times-herald.com, "Sam” has been described as a white Pit Bull-mix and later as an American Bulldog.

Her mother discovered the grizzly scene. Joyce Ziebro’s anguish is captured in a frantic call to 911, provided by WTSP.COM:

“A dog attacked my daughter. She’s bleeding everywhere. Oh, my God!

“Please send an ambulance. Oh, my God!  Her face is cut open.  Oh, my God!”

Venice police reported that 30-year-old Sarah Ziebro had a seizure and fell to the floor in her home on Pensacola Road about 10:00 p.m. on July 24. Sam, her Pit Bull/American Bulldog attacked and bit the woman’s face repeatedly.

When paramedics and police arrived, they found Sarah Ziebro in the front seat of a car in the driveway. “She had multiple severe lacerations to her face and was covered in blood ... The victim appeared to be in shock and was unaware of what happened to her,” according to the Times-Herald.com

“There was blood all over the residence with the heaviest concentration in the master bedroom,” the police report states.  Two dogs belonging to Ziebro, Sam and a Rottweiller named Sierra, were in their cages. Police say only Sam was covered with blood.

Both dogs were impounded by Animal Services according to reports, but a Sheriff’s Department spokesperson said Sierra can be released to go home at anytime.  Sam will be held in quarantine for ten days. Officials are awaiting contact by the family.

Sarah Ziebro worked as a hairstylist at BangZ, a hair salon at Bird Bay Plaza, according to the Herald-Tribune.com   

She is reportedly still in intensive care at Blake Medical Center in Bradenton, where she was airlifted with life-threatening injuries.


On Monday, July 24, a Pit Bull attack on a female owner occurred on Waverly Place in Middletown, NY.  

 Police report that 32-year-old Stephanie Jones had to be airlifted to Westchester Medical Center after she was attacked by her adult Pit Bull while trying to put the dog into a fenced outdoor enclosure. The Pit Bull bit her numerous times on the stomach, wrists and arms. The  injuries to her arm were so severe  that they may result in a partial amputation, said Middletown Mayor Joe DeStefano.

According to Newsday.com, neighbors tried unsuccessfully to free the dog owner from the Pit Bull but the tenacious dog would not release her. When, police arrived,  Sgt. Jeff Thoelen attempted to approach the injured woman, and the dog started toward him. He fired four shots at the agitated dog, killing it.

Victim Stephanie Jones was then treated by paramedics and  airlifted by state police Medevac.

On Tuesday afternoon she was listed in stable condition, according to Middletown Police.

Police do not believe they have any record of  past aggression or attacks by the Pit Bull according to  Lt. Greg Metakes. They also believe the dog had not been licensed or vaccinated for rabies. Testing for rabies is being conducted by the Orange County Department of Health, according to Newsday.com.





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