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2 Pit Bull Attacks in 1 Day in Chicago Leave Gerald Myers, 63, and Tyrell Henry, 16, Injured

A Chicago Police officer is being credited with saving the life of Tyrell Henry, 16, who was being viciously attacked by a 90-pound Pit Bull “who came out of nowhere.”

This was the dog’s second attack of the day. The first one alerted 7th District Police to be on the lookout for the dog.

Earlier 63-year-old Gerald Myers, was pulled to the ground by his left leg and relentless bitten near 60th and South Eggleston. The massive dog then began to drag him down the street. Myers said he did all he could think of to fight the dog off, but ““He switched legs and got on my right leg. And that’s when I stuck my fingers in his eyes and he let me go,” he said.

After that attack raised the alarm that others could be endangered, a Chicago Police Sergeant was determined to find the dog, WGN-TV reports.

He set off in search of the Pit Bull and found him, still in the area, in the middle of mauling Tyrell Henry, who was walking to school at Urban Prep. The police officer distracted the dog so that he could get a clear shot and not injure the victim or anyone else and quickly shot and killed it.

Tyrell and his mother expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the officer’s action, after the boy received 19 stitches and other treatment for wounds to his legs. If not for him, the teen says, “I’d probably be dead.”

Police are hoping to identify the owner of the dog or find out who let it run loose. That person may be facing charges in the attacks.

Source: WGNTV


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