2 New Suspects Arrested for Bryan Stow Beating at Dodger Stadium


Two people accused of brutally beating San Francisco Giants fan, Bryan Stow, outside of Dodger Stadium on Opening Day 2011 have been arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The names of the individuals have not been revealed yet. And unless they have video tape evidence of the duo committing this disgusting act, you'll have to excuse Los Angeles if it casts a suspicious eye on the LAPD.

That's because these arrests, of course, come on the heels of the LAPD arresting Giovanni Ramirez, a reputed gangster who was pegged as the perpetrator -- only to eventually prove he wasn't even at the stadium on the day of the crime.

Although Ramirez and his representatives repeatedly argued that he could never have carried out the attack because he wasn't present, police refused to budge and kept him locked up for months. Only after submitting to a polygraph test and establishing a verified alibi has the parolee finally exonerated himself from all of the accusations levied against him.

Chip Mathews, who has represented Ramirez and his various family members over the course of this whole process, told reporters:

"I did have a chance to speak to higher ups at the Los Angeles Police Department and they confirmed two other people have been arrested for the beating of Brian Stowe" Matthews said.

In response to the most recent events, defense attorney Jose Romero said, "I guess I'm being forced to take the high road here and credit the LAPD for continuing the investigation. I think they made the right move by bringing in their elite and I think we are seeing the product of that move."

The whole series of events has been an embarrassment for all those involved.

The LAPD, relying on eye witness accounts instead of forensic evidence, looks terrible because it allowed an innocent (of this crime at least) man sit in jail for months. Now that a so-called "elite" unit has been brought in to investigate the murder, it makes you wonder who conducts investigations of regular, low-profile crimes? And how shaky was the evidence against Ramirez if the cops were willing to build an entire case around false eye witness accounts?

Meanwhile, the Dodgers and Frank McCourt, who have become a toxic public relations mess during the last two years, lost credibility with fans when it was revealed the franchise didn't even have a head of security during the attack. It was yet another example how the Dodgers have lost touch with their fan base and once proud community.


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