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2-Month-Old Dead After Drunk Father Allegedly Falls on Her

Edward Doyle, 28, is accused of falling on and killing his 2-month-old daughter, Makayla.

Makayla was found limp and unresponsive in her parent’s apartment Sunday morning. When officers arrived at the home they noticed redness and swelling on the baby’s forehead and bruising and cuts on the bridge of her nose. She was later pronounced dead at Abington Memorial Hospital, according to documents filed at the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office in Philadelphia.

Doyle told police that he was carrying Makayla through the kitchen, when he tripped on the baby swing. He fell and landed on top of her, adding that he should not have been caring for the baby because he “drank too much” the night before.

Initially he claimed that he woke up to find Makayla in her baby swing, limp and “white as a ghost.” Then he changed his tune, admitting to detectives that he fell on her. He said he checked to see if she was still breathing, thought she was fine, and put her back in the baby swing. Later, he believes the baby took a binky at 7:15am, but he was “groggy” at the time.

The night before Doyle and his wife Nicole Lavelle, 30, were at a friend's house playing cards. He told police he had six beers while celebrating a friend’s birthday. After an argument with his wife over finances, Doyle returned to their apartment at 3am, when he removed a crying Makayla from her baby swing.

Doyle is being held on $1 million bail. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 5.

Source: Daily Mail


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