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2-Month-Old Has Bruised Eyes, Mom Horrified To Discover Dad's Sick Use For Her

2-Month-Old Has Bruised Eyes, Mom Horrified To Discover Dad's Sick Use For Her Promo Image

A man from Moorehead, Minnesota, was arrested and accused of rubbing hot sauce and cayenne pepper in his daughter’s eyes and throwing fireworks in her face.

Shawn Michael Foltz was charged with felony counts of neglect of a child, malicious punishment of a child and third-degree assault for the crimes - which reportedly included snapping his daughter with a towel, spraying her face with hot water, rubbing hot sauce in her eyes and blocking her airway until her face turned blue.

The abuse, Duluth News Tribune reported, occurred between April 10 and May 30. The baby’s mother then brought her child to the emergency room, where police officers noticed that she had dark bruises on both of her eyes and red-colored marks on her back. 

The mother said that the baby and her 3-year-old brother were being watched by the father earlier that day, and that Foltz claimed the injuries came from the brother hating the girl with a toy gun. 

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Foltz ultimately admitted to police that he became fed up with the girl’s crying and abused her, even using a wooden spoon and a piece of vinyl flooring material to hit her. He also stated that he would brainstorm ways to abuse the child while at work. 

Foltz was jailed on $100,000 bond.

Many readers called for the man to be punished severely for the abuse.

“Seriously , this maggot would do that to his little girl when he got tired of hearing her cry ? Seriously didn't he know she's cry even more ? I can only hope he gets the same treatment from his new neighbors in prison . What a pile of human excrement this guy is,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Lock him up for a LONG time. If he could do this to his own child imagine what damage he could do to a child not related to him. This man needs to be castrated so he CAN NOT produce any more children that he could abuse!!!” another wrote.

“Don't really know how to reply to child abuse or any type of abuse. When this happens it also hurts those who hear about it. We should all be sensitive to the needs of a child. The abuser is, without a doubt, sick. I don't think this is a behavior that can be cured. Should never be let out of prison. May God ease this child's injuries and ease the mother's pain,” another added. 

Sources: Duluth News TribuneMad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Oregon Department of Transportation via Wikimedia Commons, Duluth News Tribune

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