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2 Men Attack 69-Year-Old At Subway Station, Fail To Realize What He Used To Do For A Living (Video)

A 69-year-old retired correction officer reportedly shot and killed a 32-year-old man after being harassed by the victim and another person.

According to reports, 32-year-old Gilbert Drogheo was fatally shot on the subway platform for Borough Hall in Brooklyn. A 69-year-old retired correction officer was reportedly getting on a train in Bowling Green when Drogheo and another man started harassing him. Some reports say that the retired officer stepped between the younger guys as they were having a conversation, and that sparked a argument between the three.

“They were talking mad trash,” 30-year-old witness Thomas Berry told the NY Daily News of the younger men. “They must have been drunk.”

Berry claims that either Drogheo or the other man told the 69-year-old, “Oh, I got you now, my n*****,” to which the correction officer responded, “I’m not your n*****, I’m not your boy.’”

“He said, ‘Leave me alone, don’t talk to me,’” Berry explained. “He was being really calm.”

As the 69-year-old attempted to get off the subway at Borough Hall, however, one of the two younger men who had been harassing him punched him in the head.

“He just clocked the guy,” Berry recalled. “The older man was taken back. I saw him pull the gun out of the pocket. Everyone said ‘gun’ and ran off the train. I was standing there in shock. I didn’t know what happened.”

The 69-year-old former correction officer followed the two guys off the train after putting a clip in the gun, and he proceeded to follow Drogheo up the stairs to the mezzanine. The older man then reportedly punched the 32-year-old and a scuffle broke out between them. During the brawl, the 69-year-old allegedly shot Drogheo.

“It’s hand-to-hand combat, wrestling, and at some point the gun goes off,” an MTA source told the NY Daily News.

“He was on his back, and he was shot, just below the heart,” a witness said of the deceased man. “He was yelling, ‘I didn’t do s***, you’ve got it all wrong, you guys are f**ked up.'”

Drogheo was rushed to a nearby hospital where he later died, and the 29-year-old was taken into police custody. The 69-year-old man was taken in police custody to a hospital for treatment due to injuries he sustained in the scuffle. So far, no charges have been filed.

Sources: NY Daily NewsThe New York Times / Photo Source: NY Daily News


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