Mom Whose Daughter Nearly Died From Alcohol Speaks Out


A mother whose teenage daughter nearly died after raiding the family's liquor cabinet while home alone has shared her story.

A post by Minnesota resident Kelliee Joe Nelson has gone viral on Facebook. The mother of 16-year-old Taylor Nelson tells the story of how her daughter almost died after drinking two beers, six shots and a handful of blueberries soaked in liquor while her parents were out for two hours, according to the Daily Mail.

The teen and her cousin raided Taylor's father's liquor cabinet on March 7, 2014. When Jeff Nelson, Taylor's father, got home, he found his daughter unconscious, and took her to a hospital immediately.

The girl's blood alcohol level had reached a dangerously high level of 0.43, five times the legal limit. "By the Grace Of God alone, we will not be burying our child this week," said Kelliee in her post, which has been shared over 750,000 times. "But only because we are extremely blessed. And extremely lucky."

"I hope my daughter and my niece understand how fortunate they both are," Kelliee added. "I hope they learned a valuable lesson in this. And I hope this experience shared can help prevent another child losing her life to alcohol."

The doctors who treated Taylor said the teenager could have died that night. "It took the ER team 3 attempts to intubate Taylor," wrote Kelliee. "They tore her throat up in the process."

Taylor was hooked up to a ventilator for 13 hours because she couldn't breathe on her own. She also experienced hypothermia that caused her body temperature to drop down to 95 degrees.

Denver father Keith Roehm shared a similar cautionary tale on Facebook. His 17-year-old daughter, Bianca, had taken Molly, a form of MDMA, at a rave and almost died.

Bianca bought the drug at a rave in Denver, and believes that the Molly she had been given may have been laced with pipe cleaner or bath salts, a type of synthetic drug. She had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance, where she was put on life support for several days after needing to be resuscitated twice.

"I know it ate away my muscles. I lost a lot of weight," said Bianca, according to KMGH. "I can't really talk anymore. I have scratches on my throat. I continue to have high blood pressure now, which I shouldn’t have until later in life."

Keith said he wanted to share Bianca's story so other teens might see it and think twice before buying Molly.

"You never know what you're going to get," said Bianca, who added that she was happy just to be alive.

Source: Daily Mail, KMGH / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Buzzy

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