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Two Children Beaten To Death Over Bagels

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California recently experienced two violent murders of young children for the minor crime of having stolen bagels on Thanksgiving.

The children, Delylah Tara -- who was no more than 3 years of age -- and her older brother, Shaun Tara -- who was 6 years old -- were killed so monstrously that even veteran homicide detectives reportedly struggled emotionally.

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It was only on Jan. 17 that the court prosecutors revealed what the prime motive behind killing these children was -- after which, the case became even more incomprehensive.

Prosecutor Steve Somers of Monetery County said that victims Delylah, Shaun, and their 9-year-old sister, were brutally beaten because the 9-year-old girl had stolen a bagel on Thanksgiving.

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Their aunt, Tami Huntsman, and Gonzalo Curiel -- who was 17 years old at the time of committing the murder -- have been charged with torture and murder. The three Tara siblings resided in a small apartment in Salinas, California, with Huntsman, Curiel, and also Huntsman's twin biological children.

The prosecutors also added that Delylah and Shun were starved and abused for months by Huntsman and her underage boyfriend, Curiel.

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Somers described the events leading up to Thanksgiving Day of 2015. When the 9-year-old reportedly took the bagel, he said, "they got a beating, and that’s when the kids died."

After having gone through the trauma of assault and the loss of her siblings, the 9-year-old girl survived. Somers said she feels guilty, according to KSBW.

Somers also said that the day after Thanksgiving, in the middle of the night, Huntsman and Curiel left their apartment in Salinas. and drove the bodies of the two deceased children severely beaten 9-year-old girl to Plumas County.

With the help of Plumas County sheriff’s deputies, the 9-year-old girl was rescued after being found in a locked vehicle in Quincy, California. She was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

Her injuries caused officials to believe she had been beaten almost to death. The deputies had no idea about her two missing siblings until Huntsman's mother called them disclosing the fact that they had been missing.

Joy Tara told Det. Steve Peay, "I want to know where those babies are. They could be on the side of the road, or buried somewhere." Joy went on to confess that her daughter, 41, was obsessed with younger boyfriend Curiel. Joy also said that Delylah had been zip-tied to a bed to keep her from "wandering" around.

On Dec. 14, 2015, Curiel confessed to hiding the dead bodies of the two children in a storage facility in Redding, California.

Peay also testified that when Huntsman had been asked about her other two siblings, she claimed that she had given them to an agency in November. 

Both culprits are being tried separately in court. Somers believes that making the 9-year-old testify in both trials would be "a crime," but he also said that she "owes it to her brother and sister that justice is found for them."

The Daily Mail reports that social services had been to the home four times in one year.  They deemed the home safe in all four instances. 

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