2 Abandoned Pit Bulls Attack Sandra Lambert While She is Feeding Them


Sandra Lambert, 63, a kind animal lover in Atmore, Alabama, is in critical condition after she was savagely attacked and mauled by two Pit Bulls she took in about five months ago when her neighbor abandoned them.

About 6:00 a.m.on Thursday morning, Sandra Lambert—who lives in the 8000 block of Jakes Road--went outside to feed her chickens, as she always did. Suddenly the two Pit Bulls attacked her, causing massive injuries to her arm, including tearing off a large piece of flesh, and biting her legs, according to WEAR-TV.

“She never expected them to turn on her,” her nephew Stanley Keith Pope told reporters. He says he is in shock something like this happened to his aunt, who was only trying to look after the two abandoned Pit Bulls.

“She loves animals and she'll take animals in and try to take care of them," said Pope.

Lambert was airlifted as a “trauma alert” to the University of South Alabama Medical Center in nearby Mobile. Relatives said doctors were forced to amputate her arm at the elbow, and she may lose her entire arm.

Pope told Fox News this is not the first time one of the dogs has shown aggression, “"The white dog already bit her one time, and we told her she needed to get rid of them," Pope said.

The family’s Pit Bull, named Buddy, tried to protect Ms. Lambert and was so critically injured that he had to be euthanized. “That's the dog that saved her life. He attacked the other dog and got the other dog off of her," Pope said.

One of the Pit Bulls involved in the attack, a white female, was trapped on an enclosed porch until Escambia County Animal Control arrived, tranquilized and removed her.

The second Pit Bull, described as a black and brown brindle, was captured by Escambia County Animal Control Friday morning when it returned to the home.

Escambia County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Sena Maddison said an attack this severe is rare. "This is an especially vicious attack. I haven't seem something like this in quite a while," he said.

Sandra Lambert is still hospitalized in critical conditions, officials say.

VIDEO: http://www.weartv.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/update-walnut-hill-woman-mauled-two-pit-bulls-34000.shtml


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