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Abandoned 1950s Trailer Finally Opened (Photos)

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A 1950s trailer was abandoned for several decades, and the contents inside were reportedly completely preserved and in amazing condition.

The bright yellow camper was likely thought to be in ruins before it was opened, but inside was an immaculate layout — just as it was decades earlier, Wimp reported. Aside from the flooring and the upholstery, everything in the trailer is reportedly original. 

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The original fridge is not only in perfect cosmetic condition, but it also reportedly works like a charm. 

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The stove still works, using propane, and the beds and surrounding paneling are all original. 

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This amazing trailer spent years in storage but recently got a new owner and is now traveling the country as it was meant to do.

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This isn't the first time an abandoned home was found to contain surprising artifacts.

In Paris, a historic apartment — owned by a woman who inherited it from her grandmother but allegedly fled after the Nazis invaded during World War II — was unlocked in 2010 after the woman died at age 91, according to Little Things.

The apartment had reportedly been locked up for roughly 70 years but was still in surprisingly good condition.

Underneath layers of dust was an amazing collection of belongings that included a painting by 19th-century artist Giovanni Boldini.

Sources: Wimp, Little Things / Photo credit: Wimp, Little Things

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