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19-Year-Old's Girlfriend Discovers Video Of Him Having Sex With Her Dog

A 19-year-old factory worker is facing serious charges after his girlfriend discovered a video of him having sex with her dog on his cell phone.

Wayne Bryson fully admitted to having sex with his girlfriend’s Staffordshire bull terrier, and while in court last month, he pleaded guilty to the charge against him.

In addition to being arrested for sexual penetration with an animal, Bryson was caught with 315 grams of marijuana, which he fully admitted to having.

Sentencing is currently set for March 5, and in the meantime, Bryson has been released on bail until he learns his fate. He is not allowed any contact with animals while he is out. Bryson could not offer a reason as to why he had sex with the dog and claims that it was the first time and only he had ever done it. He could serve up to two years in jail for the offense.


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