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'It's The Way Things Are, Ya Know?': Father Responds After Twin Sons Come Out As Gay (Video)

Twin brothers wanted to tell their father that they are gay, but instead of waiting to travel from Los Angeles to their hometown in Ohio to sit down with him in person, the 19-year-old models made an emotional YouTube video for him that has quickly gone viral.

Aaron and Austin Rhodes, who are working models, posted the video to their YouTube channel The Rhodes Bros, which they created in July and which has gained more than 70,000 followers since the debut of their first video, reports Yahoo Parenting.

In between emotional bouts of crying, Aaron explained to his father that something would be coming out on YouTube and that he and his brother wanted to share the news with him before it became public. After a long pause, he revealed that he and Austin were gay and that they want their father’s support.

“I just don’t want you to not love us anymore or anything like that,” Aaron says.

The twin’s father responded in the best possible way. “It’s the way things are, ya know?” his father said. “You know I love you both. That’ll never change.” He continued to express to them that they were “normal” and this was just the way it was and they had to live their lives.

The twins admitted they were nervous at the start of the call because their father was the last person in their family to hear the news. At the end of the phone call, they encouraged their followers to feel comfortable being themselves and letting others in their lives know who they are.

Sources: Yahoo ParentingYouTube/Photo Credit: YouTube


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