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19-Year-Old Given Pot Brownie By Mother Jumps From Third-Floor Window

A 19-year-old Colorado man who ate a marijuana-laced brownie given to him by his mother was seriously injured after jumping from a third-floor apartment window.

Julieane Jablonski, 38, was arrested Wednesday and charged with supplying marijuana to a minor. Although marijuana use in the state of Colorado is legal, only people over the age of 21 are permitted to use it.

Austin Essig, Jablonski’s son, ate the pot brownie on April 14 and, according to witnesses, he immediately began behaving strangely. They say he ran directly towards a window and proceeded to jump out "without hesitation."

Police also charged Jablonski with tampering with a witness, as she allegedly sought to persuade witnesses to change their stories after the incident took place.

Jablonski appeared in court Thursday, The Guardian reported. Because Essig was over 18, the normal procedure would have been to charge Jablonski with a misdemeanor. But tampering with witnesses is a felony, which prompted the arrest.

Essig suffered from serious injuries, but no further information was provided about his condition.

While the legalization of marijuana won majority support in 2012, the latest incident has again shed light on the drawbacks to such an approach.

A series of incidents involving pot users who have harmed themselves have occurred recently.

College student Levi Thamba Pongi died in March 2014 when he leapt from a Denver hotel window after consuming a significant amount of pot-laced cookies. A medical report mentioned “marijuana intoxication” as a contributing factor in his death.

Just last month, Luke Gregory Goodman, 22, committed suicide in a Colorado ski resort town by shooting himself after reportedly eating a large quantity of pot candies.

The serious injury of another young person triggered by the use of marijuana is sure to fuel debate over whether its availability should be more strictly regulated.

Sources: The Guardian, The Denver Channel / Photo credit: WikiCommons

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