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Man, 19, Gets Six Months For Raping Low-IQ 14-Year-Old (Photo)

Man, 19, Gets Six Months For Raping Low-IQ 14-Year-Old (Photo) Promo Image

A 19-year-old from Minnesota admitted that he raped a 14-year-old mentally challenged girl, but he will serve just 180 days in prison.

Demarlo Crawford, who pleaded guilty to third-degree criminal sexual conduct, received a stay on a four-year sentence, reports the Star Tribune. The victim's family agreed upon the shorter amount of jail time, said Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman.

"[The sentence] includes incarceration time, another 48 months in prison hanging over him if he fails during his five years of probation, registration as a predatory offender and sex offender treatment," Freeman explained to the Star Tribune. "While the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines call for a prison sentence, given the circumstances of the case and the desires of the family, this is the best resolution."

The Minneapolis man, whose DNA matched the evidence collected from the victim, must also submit a DNA sample to officials, refrain from interacting with any minors who are not his siblings, stay off drugs and alcohol and not be caught with any guns -- but he can do all this from his own home in just a few months, as ruled by Judge Lisa Janzen.

The sentence is within state recommendations, though the perpetrator could have received up to 15 years of jail time and a $30,000 fine for a third-degree criminal sexual conduct conviction, according to FindLaw.

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Since Crawford was less than 10 years older than the girl, was not an authority figure in her life and, according to the sentencing guidelines, did not employ force or coercion, he avoided a first-degree conviction, which would have resulted in between 12 and 30 years in prison as well as a maximum fine of $40,000.

The suspect confessed to raping the teenage girl, who has an IQ of 57 -- well under the average of 100 -- after walking her home from school in September 2016, notes the Star Tribune.

Crawford was acquainted with the family, as he had helped them out around the house by doing odd jobs for them prior to the incident, according to the account that the girl and her mother gave officers after the attack.

Once the two arrived at the girl's house, Crawford suggested that he wash the family's car. He then asked the 14-year-old if she had ever been kissed before groping her, taking off her bottoms and sexually assaulting her.

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Crawford also received credit for 82 days of time served since his arrest.

Sources: Star Tribune, FindLaw / Photo credit: George Hodan/PublicDomainPictures, via Daily MailKaren Neoh/Flickr

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