Teen Attacks Elderly Couple In Their Home, Kills 97-Year-Old Navy Veteran (Video)


A 97-year-old man was killed during a home invasion in Des Moines, Iowa last week, and now, police have arrested the man responsible.

19-year-old Ngor Peter Makuey was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder for the home invasion that left 97-year-old Rupert Anderson dead and his 94-year-old wife Harriet injured.

According to reports, Makuey broke into the Anderson’s home last week and assaulted the elderly couple with a metal object. When Makuey fled the scene, Harriet was able to call 911 to report the home invasion and attack.

“Somebody got in the house and attacked me and my husband,” Harriet told the 911 operator.

Rupert and Harriet Anderson were taken to a local hospital where Rupert, a U.S. Navy veteran, died from the blows to his head. Harriet is reportedly still in the hospital but is in stable condition.

As for Makuey, he is being detained at Polk County Jail after a judge set his bail at $1 million. His family says they are shocked that the teen, who they describe as “quiet,” actually committed such a heinous crime.

“He just kept saying, 'I don't know what happened,’” Jinub Reath, Makuey’s stepfather, said. “He's very quiet. He doesn't talk a lot. All we ever saw was a smile on his face.”

Makuey, a Sudanese national, was reportedly born in an Ethiopian refugee camp and fled to America with his parents when he was a young child after they were granted refugee status.

Sources: WHO-TV, WCF Courier, The Des Moines Register


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