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19-Year-Old Blind Girl With Cerebral Palsy Found Starved In Guardian's Home

A 19-year-old blind girl with cerebral palsy was found naked and starving in a Washington state home while her caregivers swindled thousands of dollars a month in Medicaid money that was supposed to go for the girl’s care.

Heather Curtis was left in the care of April and Jeffrey Henderson when she was just seven years old after being orphaned. Curtis is both blind and has cerebral palsy, and Jeffrey Henderson became her legal guardian.

When authorities conducted a welfare check at the couple’s home, they were shocked to find that Curtis was living in inhumane conditions.

“Heather lived in the worse conditions I have experienced in 16 years of law enforcement,” said Belinda Paredes-Garrett in court documents. “Her room was covered in feces, vomit, and debris. Her wheelchair was covered in filth and had an overwhelming odor of feces and urine. Heather was flailing and moaning, crying, the only way to describe her moaning was that of a wounded animal. She was severely thin, skeletal like.”

According to reports, April Henderson, who took care of Curtis full time, tried to interfere with the investigators and insisted that they caught them during a “bad week.” Still, authorities discovered that the couple had brand new flat screen televisions and other expensive items throughout the house, later discovered to have been paid for using the $4,100 a month they received from Medicaid for Curtis’s care.

Curtis was removed from the home right away, and neither April nor Jeffrey have been arrested as of yet. A bail amount has been set at $50,000 a piece, however, for when they are arrested.

Curtis, who was 67 pounds when authorities found her, has now gained almost 30 pounds and has had 19 root canals and four extractions because her condition was so bad. The Hendersons have since moved to St. Augustine, Florida.


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