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19-Month-Old Girl Suffocates On Baby Wipe, Great Aunt Arrested

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The great aunt of a 19-month-old girl in Nebraska was arrested after the child suffocated on a baby wipe while in her care.

Aliyana, the toddler, was dropped off at 33-year-old Azudany Serrano-Contreras’ house one morning, according to an arrest affidavit cited by WTVR. Contreras' children reportedly told police that Contreras was covering Aliyana’s mouth with a baby wipe to keep the child from crying. However, Contreras’ story has continued to change, police say.

Investigators don't believe Contreras intentionally killed the child. 

“From the very beginning in the ER in Hastings, police were, you know, saying this isn’t right, there’s no way,” Andrew Peterson, Aliyana’s father, told WTVR. “It was really hard because, you know, we knew our daughter most likely wasn’t going to make it.”

A baby wipe was later found in Aliyana’s throat. She died at a Children’s Hospital in Colorado.

“I just had a sick feeling in the back of my mind all the time, but, um, hopefully justice will be served for my little girl,” Peterson said.

An arrest warrant for Contreras was issued on July 29, and she arrested a few weeks later in Laredo, Texas. She is currently being held on $1 million bond.

Contreras faces charges of intentionally committing child abuse resulting in death. 

Sources: Fox News, WTVR

Photo Credit: 1011 Now


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