$188M Powerball Winner's Boyfriend Sentenced To Prison


The boyfriend of a North Carolina woman who won a $188 million Powerball jackpot will be spending the next seven-plus years in prison.

Lamarr McDow, 32, pleaded guilty on April 6 to one count of conspiracy to traffic heroin and was sentenced as part of a plea agreement to between 7.5 and 10 years in prison, WECT reports. He must also pay a $100,000 fine.

McDow was out on bail following his November 2014 arrest thanks to his girlfriend, Powerball winner Marie Holmes, with whom he has a child. She put $21 million of her winnings towards multiple bails to keep him out of jail after he repeatedly committed drug-related offenses and violated his pre-trial release.

"We are a couple, and I am the father of her youngest child," McDow told Daily Mail Online in January. "This is what people do for each other. She has the money and she can do what she wants with it.

"If I had that money then I would do the same for her. People are just jealous because of how much she won and people want to see me locked in jail."

Aside from posting his bail, Holmes also reportedly bought McDow an auto repair business and gifted him a $15,000 diamond-encrusted gold Rolex watch — both of which he will have no use for in prison.

However, McDow maintained that his relationship with Holmes is not due to her bank account.

"We were together for two years before she won the Powerball," he said.

Since McDow appeared in court, Holmes should receive the $21 million she put- p as bond for him back, minus any required legal fees.

Sources: WECT, Daily Mail Online / Photo Source: Chris Bott/Daily Mail Online

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