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Teenager Proposes to Former School Custodian, 60

An 18-year-old has asked a 60-year-old former custodian from the school she attended to marry her.

Lisa Miller, from East Renfrewshire, Scotland, proposed to Jim Kerr Sept. 2, according to the Daily Mail.

Reports say the couple only got together after Miller had left Woodfarm High school and that she was above the age of consent, which is 16 in the U.K. The two reportedly did not know each other when she attended the school.

Some have been critical of Kerr’s decision to accept.

“It’s my dad and I’m 32 so imagine how me and my family feel seeing that,” said Alison, Kerr’s daughter.

Miller asked Kerr for his hand while they were attending the Scottish International Air Show in Ayr. It was captured on video because they had just been interviewed by a local radio station.

“Jim, we’ve been going out for just under a year and I love you so much. I wouldn’t swap you for the world and, marry me?” Miller said.

Kerr quickly replied, “Yes, definitely,” and leaned in for a kiss.

The story broke on social media when a former Woodfarm student posted a message about it.

“No chance. Hahaha. A girl in the year below me has got engaged to our school's janny, Fear,” Darren Lawson wrote, according to the Daily Record.

Many users commented on the relationship.

“I wonder what the school thinks about this and whether he still works there?! She’s only 18, so so wrong,” said one.

Another alleged Kerr left his wife for Miller, but this was not confirmed. Daily Mail cited an unnamed source that said the two met while Kerr was getting a divorce.

Kerr was employed by a contractor, BAM Construction UK, when he worked as a janitor. When the company heard about his relationship with Miller in March, it terminated him from his job.

“We were informed about this in March and suspended him the same day,” said a BAM spokesman. “The school is fully aware and was informed over an email.” 

The spokesman stressed that “legally they hadn’t done anything wrong but professionally we did what we had to do.”

An anonymous source close to the couple defended their relationship: “She loves him with all her heart. She doesn’t see herself as a victim as people have been saying. He has helped her a lot and they will stick together through this.” 

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Record / Photo credit: Headline News via Daily Mail

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