18-Year-Old Mother Claims She Strangled 3-Year-Old Daughter To Get Attention


Postpartum depression has been in the spotlight lately due to research suggesting it affects more mothers than previously believed, yet little is known about how or why symptoms occur. Elements of that type of depression, which occurs in some mothers after giving childbirth, may have been present in an 18-year-old woman who claimed she attempted to suffocate her daughter in order to gain attention. 

The teenage parent, Brenna Elise Winter, admitted to authorities that she had attempted to suffocate her 3-year-old daughter on at least one occasion, according to the Inquistr. 

The admission came after Winter brought the baby to a hospital emergency room as she was vomiting blood two days in a row. The baby did not suffer any serious complications, but the fact that Winter brought her in two days in a row with symptoms of suffocation was enough to have the child admitted for observation. Winter was then allegedly captured on hospital surveillance cameras with her hand over her daughter’s throat. 

Authorities have not yet determined whether postpartum depression or any other type of mental illness factored into Winter’s decision to repeatedly strangle her baby. She has, however, been held in Orange County Jail without bond. She faces charges of battery by strangulation and aggravated child abuse.  

According to AroundOsceola, Winter’s child has been placed into foster care by the Department of Children and Families. 


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