18-Year-Old Kristen Forester Wearing Only Bra and Panties When Pulled Over for DUI in Florida (Video)


An 18-year-old girl in Florida was arrested back in October and charged with a DUI, and now, the strange details of the police report are being released.

Kristen Forester of Fort Pierce was, according to the report, only wearing her bra and panties when pulled over by an officer on the night of October 21st at 3:16 a.m. Forester was allegedly driving recklessly and smelled like booze when officer Michael Azevedo was called to assist the original officer that pulled her over.

Azevedo immediately noticed that Forester was only wearing her underwear, and when he questioned her, she answered like it was a normal thing.

"I then asked why she had no clothes on, which she stated she was at work and drove home like that,” wrote Azevedo in the report.

Forester eventually put on a Shaquille O’Neal Miami Heat jersey and wrapped a towel around her waist. Azevedo asked her if she knew why she was being pulled over, and Forester was pretty aware that she was in a lot of trouble.

“Because I was driving crazy,” answered Forester to Azevedo’s questioning.

Officer Azevedo proceeded to conduct field sobriety tests such as observing her pupils, having her stand on one leg, asking her to do the “Walk and Turn,” and having her touch her finger to her nose. Azevedo notes that she was unable to properly complete the tasks and that she was swaying from side to side the entire time.

Forester’s blood alcohol content was registered at 0.157 and 0.144, which is significantly higher than the legal limit of 0.08. 

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