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Teen Hangs Himself After Mom Makes Him Pay Rent

A British teenager apparently hanged himself after his mother requested that he start paying rent, according to a court hearing on Jan. 24.

Elliot Stapleton-Giddins, 18, of Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire, was found hanging in his bedroom on Oct. 2 by his mother Tracey, reports the Daily Mail. "I was totally shocked," she said, understandably.

When Detective Constables Amanda Banfield and Dave Brandon of Thames Valley Police arrived at the scene, they found Elliott's body with nine empty cans of beer nearby, but his blood-alcohol level was below the legal drink-drive limit.

In a joint statement they said Elliot had been texting with his girlfriend Lily Avril only hours before: "Lily had been in text contact with him until [2 a.m.] Lily said he had been a bit upset about his mother's text but she had managed to bring him around."

Eliot was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Medics said in a written statement that his mother's text had had some impact on him. "I shouldn't have texted him, I should have spoken to him in person but I don't think that was the reason," his mother later said.

Elliot worked as a chef for renowned restaurateur Dan Cameron, and was making a good salary.

"I had not realized how much he was earning, but he was really working hard," said his mother. "It wasn't about the money though. It was about him being a bit more responsible. He had previously said he understood and that he had been waiting for the conversation to come up."

Although he had never been diagnosed with mental health issues, the court hearing revealed that he had complained of feeling depressed in the months prior to his death.

According to Elliot's stepfather, Tim Stapleton, Elliot also had problems with bullying at his school. "I think he was bullied and I remember him saying to me that the situation had changed and that he was now the bully to some people and he had felt very bad about that," Stapleton said.

An autopsy performed by pathologist Dr. Angus Molyneux confirmed hanging as the cause of death. Oddly, however, the coroner, Elizabeth Gray, decided that there was not enough evidence to officially declare it a suicide.

"We have a series of small incidents over time and a family reporting that generally Elliot was on an even keel. He was a sensitive person but nothing to suggest that this was intended," she said, as quoted by the Milton Keynes Citizen.

Sources: Daily Mail, Milton Keynes Citizen / Photo Credit: Milton Keynes Citizen

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