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18-Year-Old Charged with Killing His Grandmother in Her Nudist Community Home

A Florida teenager has been arrested for allegedly killing his grandmother inside her nudist community home.

The teen, Brandon Machetto, had reportedly been living with his grandmother, 74-year-old Sylvia Schmitt, for the past few weeks.

According to Pasco County Sheriff spokesperson Melanie Snow, Schmitt and her 18-year-old grandson had been known to have frequent altercations.

Bay News 9 reports that when people noticed that Sylvia was missing from her home, a silver alert was sounded in the area.

Soon after, one of Sylvia’s neighbors allegedly saw Machetto dragging a bag into a minivan; a woman’s feet were said to be dangling out of the bag.

The police were immediately alerted, but Machetto had already driven away from the scene – with his grandmother’s body in the car. Deputies repeatedly asked him to pull over; Machetto repeatedly refused.

As the Inquistr reports, a “laid back chase” ensued, in which Machetto never drove faster than 25 mph.

Eventually, the teenager drove back to the Paradise Lakes community from which he had initially set off. Officers then arrested Machetto.

Five hours had elapsed.

Authorities found Schmitt’s nude body in the car, and signs of a struggle in the home. According to the Times, blood was smeared on the floor and splattered on Schmitt’s bedsheets.

A police report indicated that she had suffered a “blunt force trauma to the back of her head” that was “consistent with homicidal violence.”

Machetto was charged with first degree murder and is currently being held in jail without a bond. He refused to talk to detectives, and was reported to be in a “trance-like state” at the time of his arrest.

Officials note that Machetto has had a history of violence against his grandmother. In 2012, domestic violence charges were reportedly pressed against him; Schmitt dropped the charges.

The frequent fights between the teenager and his grandmother have been attributed to Schmitt’s insistence that Machetto takes his medications.

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Photo Sources: Inquisitr, Daily Mail


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