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18-Year-Old Charged For Accidentally Killing Girlfriend's Son

 A 7-month-old baby boy in Rome, New York, was allegedly shot by 18-year-old Henry Bartle when he tried to stand up while holding a loaded shotgun on Nov. 28.

The baby died after being shot in the upper part of his body, reported. The unidentified victim’s mother was Bartle’s girlfriend, but it’s unclear if he was the father. Bartle has since been charged with criminally negligent homicide, a felony. 

Authorities said Bartle was cleaning a 12-gauge shotgun in the living room when he loaded the gun as it was pointing at the child, NY Daily News reported. 

After the gun went off, one of the people inside the apartment called for help but by the time police arrived, the baby was dead.

Gary Muntz, the infant's grandfather, identified him as Nathaniel Hitt. "How can a baby end up dead, and it's an accident?,” Muntz told WKTV.

“The only thing that I want done is the police department or prosecutors, that they prosecute the case against Hank, my daughter's boyfriend, prosecute it to the fullest extent of the law, that'd be justice for my grandson. I love my daughter with all my heart. I just like to say it's a terrible tragedy but it could have been prevented.”

Sources: NY Daily News, Syracuse, WKTV Image via Syracuse

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