18 Students Bit By Bear Cub When Missouri College Holds Pre-Finals Petting Zoo (Video)

A 2-month-old bear cub bit and scratched at least 18 students at a Missouri college this week during a pre-finals petting zoo, which was arranged to help students relax.

The cub, named Boo Boo, poses no rabies threat, officials at Washington University in St. Louis said Friday.

Originally they warned that the cub would have to be put down in order to be tested for the disease. Now Boo Boo will be spared after federal health officials reported Friday that he poses no rabies threat and students will not need rabies vaccinations.

"We are thrilled that this very unfortunate situation has come to the best possible conclusion for everyone involved - our students, our community and the bear cub," university spokeswoman Susan Killenberg McGinn said in a release.

The pre-finals petting zoo has been held at the private university for several years.

Boo Boo was included this year without the school’s knowledge, administrators said this week.

Sources: Reuters, Business Insider


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