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18-Month-Old Baby Boy Dies After Being Attacked By Two Family Dogs

An 18-month-old baby is dead after being attacked by two family dogs at a Florida home.

Gregory Moss, 51, was in charge of watching his grandson, Declan, on Monday morning while the child's mother was out. Declan was playing on the front porch of their Brookville home when two of the family’s four dogs attacked the child.

Moss witnessed the attack and tried to save his grandson. He called the authorities but by the time they had arrived it was already too late. Declan had died from his injuries.

“It’s sad,” Michael Terry, a spokesman for the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, told the Tampa Bay Times. “It’s definitely something you don’t want to deal with, especially with a young child like that, just 18 months.”

Police are now investigating the two dogs named Max and Thumper. They described them as “mixed breed” but are waiting for confirmation from a vet.

Neighbors described the dogs as pit bulls but local police said they had never received any complaints regarding the dogs. Tyler said that the family was shocked at the uncharacteristic aggressiveness of the two dogs.

“Our technicians are out here interviewing the grandfather and trying to get details from him, but he’s obviously pretty shaken up,” Terry said.

Thumper and Max have been removed from the family home by Animal Control. Terry said “it’s too early to tell” if charges will be filed and deputies will continue to investigate the matter.

“The bottom line here is that you can never, ever be totally trusting of a dog that’s of medium or large size,” Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis told reporters. “You’ve always got to watch your children just like you would if it was a swimming pool. Don’t let the dog get too close to the child, even if it’s a dog you trust, because unfortunately the risk is just too high.”

Source: The Daily MailTampa Bay Times / Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Times


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