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17-Year-Old Saudi Arabia Girl Refuses To Marry Man In His 90s

A Saudia Arabia court has ruled in favor of a 17-year-old girl’s refusal to marry a man in his 90s.

The young girl was deceived by her father into a marriage contract that set her up to marry the older man. The father had shown the girl pictures of a man in his 20s whom he wanted her to marry. He even brought the young man home to meet the girl, which led her to approve the marriage contract laid out by her father.

To her horror, she discovered in the marriage contract that the birthdate of the suitor would have made him over 90 years old. The father had used the young man as an accomplice in his attempt to have her married off to a much older man. The father even had bought a ticket for her go to Madina to join her husband.

The girl told authorities she would not marry the older man and asked that the marriage contract be aborted. She was also living with her father after the divorce of her parents and asked for legal assistance to have her removed from his care.

Last Tuesday, Nov. 11, the case was taken to court where officials issued a verdict declaring the marriage “null and void.”

Sources: / Photo Credit: Wikipedia Creative Commons


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