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17-Year-Old Homecoming Queen Scores Field Goal In Father's Last Season As Football Coach (Video)


A high school student scored a field goal in recognition of her father's last season as football coach, ABC News reports (video below).

Jodie Farnetti, 17, of West Blocton, Alabama, reportedly put on a football uniform and helmet and kicked a field goal for the West Blocton High School football team in the Oct. 16 homecoming game against Oak Grove High School.

Jodie, a competitive cheerleader and softball player, had been preparing for the event for almost a decade, her parents said.

"My husband has been coaching the high school, which is also his alma mater, for the past 23 years," Jodie's mother Angie Farnetti told ABC News.

"We only have two girls, no boys," Angie explained. "When Jodie was 10, her dad taught her how to kick, and she would always be kicking a football while waiting for her dad and the football team's practice to be over."

Jodie's father, Gregory Farnetti, recently decided to give up coaching football so he can focus on Jodie's softball career, Angie told ABC News. The fall 2015 season will be his last as coach for the West Blocton High team.

Jodie wanted to do something special for her father's last season, and asked the football team if she could kick a goal in the homecoming game. The players were "all for it," ABC News reported.

Jodie successfully kicked the field goal in the last quarter of the game. As soon as she scored, she ran and hugged her father.

Earlier that night, Jodie had been named homecoming queen, and was crowned while donning her football uniform, ABC reported. When the opportunity for the field goal arose, she took off the crown and ran out onto the field.

The moment was captured on film by spectator Brian Wallace, who posted the video of Jodie kicking the field goal on his Facebook page.

The video clip shows a marching band playing in the background and people cheering as Jodie kicked the goal and then hugged her father. Facebook commenters called the moment "priceless" and congratulated Jodie.

The West Blocton team eventually won the game with a final score of 19-7.

Jodie will also participate in a national cheerleading competition before heading off to Wallace State Community College on a softball scholarship.

She has reportedly now earned the nickname "Miss Friday Night" for her deed. 

Gregory said the moment was one he would always remember. "It was just so special to me, because No. 1, she's my daughter and I was a proud dad, and No. 2, it was my last homecoming game," he told ABC News. "All the stars had aligned for her. It was such a great night."

Sources: ABC News, Facebook / Photo credit: Kandi Smith/ABC News


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