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17-Year-Old Girl Attacked In Mississippi Burger King As Workers Do Nothing (Video)

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Disturbing footage of a 17-year-old girl being viciously beaten in a Burger King recently emerged online, and showed that the staff merely watched as she was attacked.

The young girl was targeted by two other girls at the Bryam, Mississippi fast food location earlier this month. The incident was filmed with a bystander’s mobile phone.

In the footage, the young girl is brought to the floor by her attackers after being hit. Then, the girls proceed to repeatedly punch their victim while she’s on the ground.

The victim is dragged across the floor before both attackers take turns kicking her as she lies helpless on the ground.

Eventually, the teenage girl is helped to her feet and the attack ends.

Footage of the attack was later uploaded to Facebook, where it was brought to the attention of local authorities. Bryam Police Chief Luke Thompson noted that one of the most disturbing parts of the video is that no one broke up the fight or called police. In one shot, an employee stands by and watches the fight without intervening.

“In none of the audio does someone say, ‘Somebody call 911, somebody call the police,’” Thompson said.

Police have warned that charges may come against the attackers, though it’s now up to the victim if she wants to press charges or not.

If the victim’s attackers are charged, it will likely be for simple assault.

Sources: DailyMail, NY Daily News


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