Teen Beaten By Gang Of Girls In Baltimore (Video)


Disturbing video has recently surfaced of a 17-year-old being beaten and robbed by a gang of girls, and now, the victim’s mother is speaking out.

In the clip, a 17-year-old Baltimore girl is seen being viciously beaten and robbed by a gang of girls, and the victim’s mother says she wants the whole world to see the clip so that the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

“They punched her, they kicked her and mostly they stomped her in the head,” said the girl’s mother to CBS Baltimore. “I just think something really needs to be done about these gangs because every time we turn the TV on, it’s another gang after somebody else’s child.”

The girl’s mother says her daughter was on her way to a job interview at Mondawmin Mall when the “Sisterhood Gang” approached her and attacked her. Someone captured the fight on camera and posted it to social media, and since, five of the girls have been arrested. Still, the victim’s mother hopes that by more people seeing the video, the rest of the girls can be brought to justice.

“If you know anything at all about any more of the members that had anything to do with this Sisterhood gang, would you please call and report it to the police,” said the mom.

The teenage victim, who was hospitalized after the attack, reportedly had her coat, money and cell phone stolen by the gang.

Sources: CBS Baltimore, MSN, Yahoo News


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