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'I Was Terrified': Man Shoots, Kills 160-Pound Burmese Python In Missouri (Video)

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A 14-foot long Burmese Python roaming around rural Missouri has finally been shot and killed after several days of terrorizing a neighborhood in Warren County.

The python, weighing in at 160 lbs, had been loose on the neighborhood for a few days. It reportedly ate small animals and made parents nervous when their children were outside, USA Today reported.

“[My son] was right by my side the last three days because I didn’t want him near something of this size,” mother Leagh Dement told FOX 2 (video below).

The python was allegedly first seen on Sunday night when Larry Fahrig witnessed it going after his poodle.

“I was the first one to see it,” he said.

Fahrig says that he called upon the help of his neighbors but the python was able to slither away before they could catch it.

According to several neighborhood residents, the python could have been responsible for the disappearances of several small animals including two dogs and three chickens.

The situation finally came to an end when Pauline Hortsdaniel awoke to the sounds of her St. Bernard-Lab mix barking in the yard early Tuesday morning.

She spotted the python and feared for her dog’s safety.

“I was terrified,” she said. “I got my husband [Troy] out of bed. He’s out there in his underwear with his gun.”

Armed with only a handgun, the couple decided to call Troy’s father to come help.

With two shotgun blasts, Troy's father was able to successfully kill the snake.

Troy’s mother wanted to save the animal’s skin, saying, “You only see snakes like this in the movies and at the zoo.”

“It’s a shame that animals have to be killed because somebody just didn’t care about it,” said Fahrig.

The snake was identified as a Burmese Python, a species not native to the area and commonly abandoned in the wild by owners who are unable to care for them when they get too big.

Source: USA Today, FOX

Photo Credit: FOX


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