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16-Year-Old Indianapolis Girl Home Safe After Being Kidnapped For Sex Trafficking

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A 16-year-old Indianapolis girl who was reportedly kidnapped and sold into prostitution is finally back home after a horrifying weekend.

The victim’s weekend began on the city’s east side when she and a group of friends were forced off an IndyGo bus at E. 42nd Street and Post Road because of a disturbance on Friday, Aug. 14, investigators said, according to WTHR News.

The victim began to walk home when a man offered her a ride. The girl took his offer, but never managed to get home that night.

The girl was reportedly raped at a Motel 6 near 21st and Shadeland, according to police. It’s believed that Kevryn Gaines-Dukes, 24, is the primary suspect in the case. A second suspect, Myeisha White, allegedly met with Gaines-Duke to purchase lingerie for the teen earlier in the day.

White and Gaines-Duke then drove to Cincinnati, where White showed the victim how to prostitute without getting hurt. Then, the three traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, where White took pictures of the girl for, a website known for sex trafficking.

“That’s where we find our victims. If they ever outlawed, we’d have trouble finding victims,” Sgt. Jon Daggy of the IMPD Vice Unit said.

According to the victim, she was forced to have sex with at least 10 men over the weekend and made about $1,000 for her captors.

The teen reportedly texted messages like “police” to her father and sister. According to a federal complaint, Gaines-Duke texted the girl’s father and demanded $25,000 in ransom. Gaines-Duke also texted the victim’s sister and explained that she would never find the victim alive.

When the victim’s sister asked why Gaines-Duke would kill his moneymaker, he replied with a haunting text.

“I can get another,” Gaines-Duke allegedly wrote.

The text messages were traced to a Nashville motel. By the time police arrived the three had already left, but investigators managed to track the suspects using surveillance video and a vehicle description. Finally, police found the suspects near an outlet mall in Edinburgh, Tennessee.

Both suspects were arrested and charged with kidnapping, confinement, abduction for interstate commerce and conspiracy. They are both being held at the Marion County Jail.

Sources: WTHR, Urban Image Magazine

Photo Credit: The Barking, Imagens Evangelicas/Flickr


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