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16-Year-Old Girl Shot, Killed By Denver Police (Video)

A 16-year-old girl accused of stealing a car was shot and killed by police in Denver, Colorado, on Monday morning.

The Denver Police Department claims that the teen drove a stolen gold Honda sedan at two cops in a darkened alley and hit one officer in the leg at about 6:30 a.m., reports The Denver Post (video below).

This was the third shooting in seven months (by the Denver police) of someone accused of using a car as a weapon.

Neighbors who witnessed the shooting claim there were five teens in the car, and that the teen who was shot could be heard screaming.

One unidentified neighbor reportedly filmed the wounded, motionless teen driver being handcuffed by police and rolled on her stomach on the ground after she was shot.

"Based on what I know about the case, obviously there are a lot of questions that need to be answered," stated Denver Police Chief Robert White.

Chief White did not say if any of the teens inside the car were armed.

Brianna Diaz told The Denver Post that her 16-year-old sister was a passenger.

"My mom told me to start filming, but when I took out my phone, the cop was like, 'Don't you dare!'" recalled Diaz.

Investigations of the shooting are being conducted by multiple government agencies; the two officers have been placed on administrative leave.

Several dozen people gathered on Monday night near the alley where the girl, who they identified as Jessica Hernandez, was killed.

The residents carried candles and signs that read, "Girls' Lives Matter Too" and "Cowards Shoot Girls."

Cynthia Valdez, a friend of Hernandez, told the Associated Press, "We're angry about it. It's another life taken by another cop."

Sources: The Denver Post, Associated Press
Image Credit: The Denver Post Screenshot


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