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Four Men Stand Trial For Gang-Rape Of Teenage Girl

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A 16-year-old girl was allegedly captured and raped after asking for directions from a restaurant owner in the U.K.

The teenager stopped at a local kebab restaurant to ask for directions on her way home in Ramsgate, Kent, when she was taken into a back room and raped by four men, according to Daily Mail.

Owner Tamin Rahani, 37, Shershah Muslimyar, 20, and Rafiullah Hamidy, 24, were arrested and charged with rape. A fourth suspect was also arrested, but his name was withheld because he is a minor.

Prosecutor Simon Taylor said the girl was drunk at the time and could in no way consent to any sexual interaction with the men. Taylor claims the men dragged her into the apartment above the restaurant and performed a gang rape-style attack on her.

"The girl was undoubtedly drunk and was walking the streets alone late at night. The [prosecution's] case is that her drunkenness, youth and vulnerability would have been recognized by the defendants," said Taylor during the trial. "And it was these factors that they took advantage of in the couple of hours that followed."

After being taken to the apartment and raped on "multiple occasions," Taylor says the men escorted the teen out of the building and left her to roam the streets alone. Taylor also said the victim likely had a blood-alcohol level of more than twice the legal limit to drive.

"Through drink, and most likely the trauma of what happened to her, she was unable to provide any detailed descriptions. The girl had found herself in a room of the second floor above a takeaway," said Taylor. "In that grubby room, with an uncovered mattress on the floor, multiple males had sex with the teenager. She says that she did not consent."

The men repeatedly raped the girl and "laughed as they put her through the ordeal," according to The Sun.

Before the trial, a manhunt was conducted for Hamidy, who had fled the country, according to Kent Live. He was found in southern Italy in March and was then extradited to face the rape charges in England.

The number of rapes reported to police has doubled in the past four years, but the number of accusations leading to a conviction has fallen, according to The Guardian.

The "Violence Against Women and Girls Report" obtained by The Guardian says that while the number of reported rapes resulting in convictions is at the highest record level, "it is widely recognized that rape is under-reported, with many more rapes committed than are reported to and recorded by the police.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Kent Live, The Sun, The Guardian / Photo credit: Surrey County Council News/Flickr

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